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For small businesses like us, what can be done may be very little. But we are fully aware of the fact that the earth belongs to everyone, so each person is responsible for the environment.

For reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the measures we take are restricted by the actual conditions. However, we will try our best to reduce emission. And we will also pay attention to the development of the energy-saving technologies and the innovation of green energy technology.

1. Copy the content from the DVD or VCD to the computer hard drive to play, so as to reduce the power consumption of the CD-ROM drive.

2. Computers which are idle within two hours should be turned off, ensuring that the computer stops when people leave and the power is cut off when the computer is closed.

3. Regularly clean the computer and pay attention to dust and moisture, so as to reduce energy consumption.

4. Within 20 minutes before going off work, close the printer, computer, and water dispenser. And pull the plug to disconnect the power.

5. Set the air conditioning at 26℃. If people leave for half an hour or more, the air conditioning must be turned off to reduce power consumption.

6. It is prohibited to use office computers for entertainment.

7. Edit the first draft of a document in the draft mode. Narrow row spacing and use small print.

8. Sided copying and printing. Use the blank side of the used single-sided copy paper for printing or scratch paper or cut the paper into note paper.

9. Reuse the recyclable document envelope.

10. Use networking sharing whenever possible. Transfer or read documents on the internet and use email to replace paper document.

11. According to the dirt to be washed away, use a large or small amount of water respectively.

12. Replay the leaky faucet timely to reduce water waste.