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Media Events

1. Warm Congratulations to EDUP EP-8522's Wining of Annual Recommended Product Award in 2012
The EP-8522 type of product produced by our company won the Annual Recommended Product Award in 2012 in the Zhongguancun Online Annual Technology Product Selection.

2. Announcement of Changing LOGO
The official website of Shenzhen EDUP Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., EDUP, (URL: is set to provide customers with the latest company news information, service information, and product information. We have been adhering to the tenet of customer first and we have committed to burning EDUP into a well-known brand.

To meet the requirements of product publicity and promotion and to improve logo recognizability and communication effects, we have optimized the design of the logo.
a. Chinese logo

b. English logo

New logo, new image, new development. EDUP official website will continue to make unremitting efforts to provide customers with better online service.

3. EDUP Participates in Hong Kong Electronics Fair
2012 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) was held on October 13 to 16. As a large international electronics show, Hong Kong Electronics Fair attracted exhibitors from around the world. The electronic products exhibited covered audiovisual, multimedia, digital imaging, home appliances, electronic components, and so on. As one of the well-known network equipment manufacturers, EDUP brought a full range of products to participate in the exhibition.