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Ultra-Long-Range 16dB High-Gain EDUP Wireless Adapter Review

Have you ever had this experience? You and your neighbor are long-time friends, so you decide to share a broadband access network and then share the network in each house through wireless network. However, what frustrating is that no matter which house the wireless router is placed, the other house can not receive stable wireless signals. So this "money-saving" friendship program has to be given up.

Have you also had this experience? Your phone package includes free CMCC / CHINA NET Internet surfing duration, so you can enjoy free WiFi in the outdoors. However, when you get home, the wireless signal becomes very poor. So you have to end the "free lunch".

So, faced with these frustrating situations, is there no good solution? Of course not! Our EDUP EP-8523 ultra-long-range outdoor wireless adapter is developed to solve this helplessness. It is characterized by high gain and long range. By means of the built-in 16dB directional antenna, it can help users to easily achieve ultra-long-range and stable wireless transmission, making "friendship program" become a reality and enabling users to enjoy the "free lunch".

The EDUP EP-8523 high-power long range wireless adapter adopts a pure white appearance design: exquisite workmanship and solid materials. It also adopts professional-grade lightning-proof and rainproof design, so it can easily cope with a variety of harsh outdoor environments. It complies with the 802.11n standard and it is equipped with a 16dB high-gain directional antenna. This high-power 150Mbps outdoor wireless adapter has obvious advantages over ordinary products in transmission effect.

The EDUP EP-8523 wireless adapter is about 230mm×75mm×35mm in size. As an outdoor wireless adapter, this size is rather compact. There is a fixed mounting bracket on the back of this product, so users can directly mount it on the wall or on a cylindrical base with the mounting strip.

To give users the most secure wireless experience, our EDUP EP-8523 supports all 64/128-bit WEP data encryption and WPA, so the safety protection effect is very good.
So, as an outdoor wireless adapter, how can the EDUP EP-8523 be connected to the indoor laptop or desktop? The secret lies in its bottom.

After opening the cover at the bottom of this product, we can see a USB extension cable interface. With the 5-meter-long USB extension cable attached with the product, users can easily connect this wireless adapter to their laptop or desktop easily. Furthermore, through this USB extension cable, the loss of signal is almost zero.

In addition to the aforementioned USB extension cable, the accessories of the EDUP EP-8523 include a mounting strip, am installation manual, a wizard CD, and a warranty card.