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A powerline adapter transmits data through the existing electric wires. There is no need of extra wiring to extend the network. The powerline adapter can improve wireless transmission effect and eliminate signal dead spots. It also provides better support to online game, online video, IPTV, and other applications which are demanding on latency.

1. IPTV wiring-free application, IPTV and broadband Internet access hybrid application
2. When establishing a high-speed home or business LAN, the number of wall socket at short range is not sufficient or the wall socket is reserved for other devices
3. Used in conjunction with the wireless modem, the powerline adapter enables users in the home or office to extend the WiFi network coverage limitlessly. Where there is a socket, it is possible to gain Internet access by wired or wireless means.
4. A helpful supplementary solution in network signal transmission, network cabling and network convergence in the elevator security monitoring, advertising player, and other industries
5. Expended application on the remote control

In the following cases, the powerline adapter is a good solution.
Wireless Network
There is already a wireless router in the home, but due to the impact of walls and other barriers, the wireless signal in the upstairs rooms is weak. Then, it is needed to extend the network so as to achieve stable Internet access in each room.

Wired Network
There is SOHO broadband router in the home. Some rooms have been equipped with network cables, but others not. Then, it needs to extend the network without extra cable laying.

Network Monitoring
There are multiple floors and network cameras are installed in each floor for monitoring. However, network cables can not be laid across the floor.

IPTV Application
The network interface is in the study while the IPTV is in the living room. At this time, the users want to realize IPTV and HDTV programs playing without complex wiring.