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    1. 300Mbps Wireless Access Point Compared with traditional 54Mbps 802.11g or 150Mbps 802.11n devices, our product enables more wireless clients to access the wireless network. When the number of the wireless client is the same, our product can provide higher bandwidth to each client, making data transmission within the local area network more efficient.
    1. 150Mbps Wireless Access PointAdopt 802.11n wireless technology, wireless transmission rate up to 150Mbps. Support CCA technology, improving the stability of wireless transmission. Quick Secure Setup (QSS), making wireless network more secure and setup more convenient
    1. EP-WH3596S Wireless HD Audio Video Transmitter & ReceiverIt can transmit uncompressed 1080P/60Hz video contents wirelessly and it is easy to operate. Connect the transmitter to your high-definition source device, such as HD set-top box, blue-ray DVD player, game console, and media center PC. Then, connect the receiver to your HD display devices, like LCD, PDP or computer monitor with HDMI input interface.
    1. Bluetooth Music Receiver
    1. Bluetooth SpeakerThe Bluetooth sound box uses a kind of immediate technology. It does not need any fixed infrastructure and it is easy to install and set. Connection can be realized with no need of cables. After pairing, it can be put into use. In addition, our product is equipped with a built-in battery, thus truly achieving wireless.
    1. Bluetooth HeadsetA Bluetooth headset is a handsfree headset based on Bluetooth technology. Users can wear this device on their ears to realize communication without directly talking on phones or computers.The mobile phone has become an indispensable communication tool in people's lives. But it is often inconvenient for people to hold the phone
  • EP-2911 WiFi USB Dongle for TVConnect the product to the USB port.
    Press WPS buttons on the wireless USB dongle and wireless router. The network connection is completed.
    Conveniently, the network cable on the WiFi USB dongle can be connected to the Ethernet port of the TV to obtain the wireless network easily.
  • EP-3701 WiFi Drive AdapterThe EP-3701 WiFi drive adapter is a portable wireless device manufactured with one USB 2.0 host. It helps transmit data in USB external storage device into WiFi accessible media.
    The installation of the WiFi USB adapter is quite easy. Connecting the USB external storage into the built-in USB port and power the unit on, users can use the video, music, photo, data and transmit it to your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphones and notebook.
  • EP-3703 WiFi PlugThe application of the EP-3703 WiFi plug is based on wireless communication. Through the mobile phone intelligent terminals, uses can control the appliance whenever and wherever possible, with our WiFi socket.