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Bluetooth Headset

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A Bluetooth headset is a handsfree headset based on Bluetooth technology. Users can wear this device on their ears to realize communication without directly talking on phones or computers.

The mobile phone has become an indispensable communication tool in people's lives. But it is often inconvenient for people to hold the phone to talk and some people want to minimize the harm of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, many people are used to connecting a handsfree headset to their phones. However, they may feel annoyed at the disorderly cables. In fact, there is a better choice, which is the Bluetooth headset.

1. Since the advent, Bluetooth headset has been a good tool for the mobile business people to improve efficiency.
2. Drivers using this product feel very free. No matter when they answer a call during driving, turn around to fetch stuff on the backseat after stopping, or look back when reversing, they will have no worries.
3. This product gives good call quality which is sometimes better than directing talking on phone.
4. Some people may feel unaccustomed when they wear this device at first. This may be they plug the earplug too tightly. They can slightly pull open the earplug and lightly put it on the ear.
5. A good way to ensure call quality is to keep the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone on the same side of the body. For example, if you wear this device on the right ear, then, you can put your phone on the right side of you.

Wearing a Bluetooth headset, you can ride a bicycle, drive a car, write an email or do housework while talking on the phone without the troubles of annoying cables. Just as an ad says, free your hands and let them do the right things.

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