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Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a traditional multimedia speaker coupled with Bluetooth technology. It enables users to listen to music in various ways without the troubles of cables.

As of 2012, the Bluetooth smart phone and tablet PC had enjoyed rapid development. Their performance had amazed consumers. However, no significant progress had been made on the speaker. As hearing is one of the most important human perceptions, consumers have growing demand on this part. Consequently, Bluetooth speaker appears. With fashionable styling, wireless transmission, and portable feature, it is highly favored by the consumers.

Compared with other wireless speakers, the Bluetooth speaker has its special features.
1. Wide Application
The Bluetooth speaker has globally unified technical specifications. A variety of devices, such as mobile phone, PDA, wireless headset, laptop, car, medical equipment, etc., as long as they have Bluetooth adapter, they can be connected with the Bluetooth sound box for data transmission, speech communication, and music playing.

2. Easy Operation
The Bluetooth sound box uses a kind of immediate technology. It does not need any fixed infrastructure and it is easy to install and set. Connection can be realized with no need of cables. After pairing, it can be put into use. In addition, our product is equipped with a built-in battery, thus truly achieving wireless.

3. Fast Transmission
Compared with infrared and other transmission ways, Bluetooth transmission has an obvious advantage on speed. The maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 reaches 24Mbps in theory. Faster speed ensures higher audio quality. Therefore, our product is capable of delivering music with high bit rate.

4. Moderate Transmission Distance
The transmission distance of the Bluetooth speaker is generally within 10 meters which is just the dimension of a room. Furthermore, data can be transmitted through walls. Therefore, this product is very suitable for use at home.

The emergence of Bluetooth audio product greatly facilitates people's lives, making playing simpler, listening easier, and control better. Hence, the Bluetooth audio product will be the trend of audio products within the next period of time.

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