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300Mbps Wireless Access Point

Our 300Mbps wireless access point adopts the 802.11n wireless technology. Compared with traditional 54Mbps 802.11g or 150Mbps 802.11n devices, our product enables more wireless clients to access the wireless network. When the number of the wireless client is the same, our product can provide higher bandwidth to each client, making data transmission within the local area network more efficient. Meanwhile, higher bandwidth can avoid data congestion, reduce network delay, and make the playing of audios, videos, and online games more fluent.

Multiple Operating Modes
Our 300Mbps wireless access point supports multiple operating modes to realize various wireless applications.

1. Wireless Access Point (AP) Mode
Can realize the conversion between wired and wireless network transmission

2. Wireless Client Mode
Under this mode, the wireless access point is equivalent to a wireless adapter. When it is connected with the PC through a network cable, the PC, which is not equipped with a wireless adapter, is also able to access the internet wirelessly.

3. Wireless Repeater Mode
In a wireless distribution system (WDS), multiple APs can be bridged. Then, the wireless signals can be relayed and amplified.

4. Wireless Point to Point Bridging
One AP can be bridged to another AP wirelessly to amplify the signal, ultimately achieving long distance transmission.

5. Wireless Point to Multipoint Bridging
Two or more APs can be wirelessly bridged, so as to amplify the signal and achieve full coverage.

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