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EP-3701 WiFi Drive Adapter

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The EP-3701 WiFi drive adapter is a portable wireless device manufactured with one USB 2.0 host. It helps transmit data in USB external storage device into WiFi accessible media.

The installation of the WiFi USB adapter is quite easy. Connecting the USB external storage into the built-in USB port and power the unit on, users can use the video, music, photo, data and transmit it to your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphones and notebook.

A) File and System Manager App
The WiFi drive adapter supports two-way file transferring between it and your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer with Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n). In addition, iOS and Android mobile Apps with utility function searching is also available with this product to search and locate specific data file.

B)Bridging Connection to Internet Access
This mobile data transmission device can bypass your Internet access to your existing WiFi router. So you may use any data in the SD card or HDD while surfing the Internet simultaneously. 

C) Sharing with Friends & Family
Our WiFi drive adapter allows concurrent connection to 5 users at most for sharing videos, audios, photos and data, synchronously.

D) Easy to Configure and Operate
The user-friendly interface design with installation guide assures easy configuration and operation of the WiFi drive adapter.

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