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  • A powerline adapter transmits data through the existing electric wires. There is no need of extra wiring to extend the network. The powerline adapter can improve wireless transmission effect and eliminate signal dead spots. It also provides better support to online game, online video, IPTV, and other applications which ...
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  • 1. Q: What kind of pre-sales services do you provide?
    A: We provide free samples to customers as per their needs, but the freight is assumed by the customers.
    2. Q: What kind of in-sales service do you offer?
    A: For each order, spare parts can be provided. Products that are frequently traded can be...

Wireless Adaptor, Wireless Router Manufacturer

Tangled wires got your electronics in a bind? Go wireless. EDUP is a premium provider of wireless AV and networking solutions. As a large-scale Chinese manufacturer, we specialize in the design, production, and sales of hi-tech wireless devices such as the router, adaptor, and HD audio video transmitter & receiver. Additionally, we offer the HomePlug Ethernet bridge and a broad selection of Bluetooth products. Our global distribution network provides excellent coverage for countries including America, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, etc. OEM and ODM services are available upon request More ...

    1. EP-8523 150Mbps High-Power Outdoor Wireless 802.11N USB Adapter
    2. EP-8523 150Mbps High-Power Outdoor Wireless 802.11N USB AdapterThe EP-8523 150Mbps high-power outdoor wireless 802.11N USB adapter is characterized by high gain and long transmission distance. In case of no obstacles, it offers better transmission effect than other common products. The built-in 16dB directional antenna further improves the performance of this product.
    1. EP-N8508GS 150Mbps Mini Wireless 802.11N USB Adapter
    2. EP-N8508GS 150Mbps Mini Wireless 802.11N USB AdapterAdopting intelligent energy-saving technology, this product is able to intelligently control the power supply and automatically adjust the idle state of the interface. It saves up to 50% of the energy.With a built-in precision antenna, our product transmits signals stably without interruption.
    1. EP-6505/EP-6506/EP-6515/EP-MS6528 54Mbps Mini Wireless 802.11b/g USB Adapter
    2. EP-6505/EP-6506/EP-6515/EP-MS6528 54Mbps Mini Wireless 802.11b/g USB AdapterDesigned to provide excellent performance while consuming as little energy as possible, this product is ideal for laptop users who want high-quality wireless internet access without running out of battery. It is in full compliance with the IEEE 802.11b/g wireless standards and it offers the best compatibility and future-proof reliability.
    1. EP-DL561N 150Mbps Wireless 802.11N Modem Router
    2. EP-DL561N 150Mbps Wireless 802.11N Modem RouterThis enables you to enjoy more bandwidth consuming applications, like HD video streaming, which cannot be accommodated by 802.11g products, wirelessly from anywhere in your house or even the yard. Additionally, the security of data transmission is fully guaranteed.
    1. EP-WH3596S Wireless HD Audio Video Transmitter & Receiver
    2. EP-WH3596S Wireless HD Audio Video Transmitter & ReceiverIt can transmit uncompressed 1080P/60Hz video contents wirelessly and it is easy to operate. Connect the transmitter to your high-definition source device, such as HD set-top box, blue-ray DVD player, game console, and media center PC. Then, connect the receiver to your HD display devices, like LCD, PDP or computer monitor with HDMI input interface.
    1. Car Bluetooth Stereo Music Receiver
    2. Car Bluetooth Stereo Music ReceiverThe EDUP EP-B3502 car Bluetooth stereo music receiver is a hi-tech wireless product which can receive music from the cell phone or other devices with Bluetooth function. It enables the users to enjoy the music saved in their smart phone or MP3 on the car stereo or home audio without connecting cumbersome cables.